What we do

We pride ourselves on our attention to historic detail.  Going the extra mile to ensure accuracy in restoration and painstaking research is the life’s blood of this kind of work.

For example a recent project required the original pattern of four volt batteries to be fitted as in the year of manufacture – none existed so we made them.

Likewise this motor required Bosch spark plugs of the 1910 type , again no serviceable originals could be found so our engineers remanufactured the spark plugs.

Needless to say the finish car won best Silver Ghost and most elegant car at the annual Rolls Royce enthusiast club rally of that year.

We take particular pride in the road going abilities of our restored cars , James Black restored and prepared cars have won glory in the field of long distance vintage and veteran motoring , our cars have driven from the UK to places as diverse as Jerusalem, Amman and Athens we have crossed the Sinai twice, we have driven to the Arctic circle and back, covered Norway, Sweden, Denmark, virtually every country in Europe has been traversed, including the Balkan countries.

Our cars and those of our clients have received many international accolades and awards for endurance.